Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missed Race # 2 – or – the $37 beer and t-shirt

Missed Race # 2 – or – the $37 beer and t-shirt

It’s been 3 weeks since I have run a step aside from a painful accidental jog while taking the stage for a comedy show, which reinforced my current restful lifestyle. I missed my second race this past weekend, but in true sad-loser fashion, I showed up anyway to get my swag. Luckily my girlfriend and her sister were also running the race so I could blend in with the other non-runners and have someone to cheer for.

Of course I’m talking about The SoCal Warrior Dash. A 4.99k obstacle course / mud run. I did it last year and it was a lot of fun. I ran it in a hotdog costume and aside from my incapacitating fear of heights, I did very well. There was only one height obstacle and I powered through well enough, but definitely not with any semblance of speed. This is all, of course, beside the point because I didn’t run it this year. I did show up and get my t-shirt and complimentary beer. And a couple more beers. Hadn't drank before lunch in awhile, so that was worth getting up at 6am.

My foot still hurts. A lot. And as luck would have it, the other foot’s capsulitis has crawled back, so now I don’t know which foot to favor and now it seems I won’t be able to avoid inserts as all the information I can gather on capsulitis is rest until it goes away, stretch your calves and use a metatarsal pad or have surgery. I’m down with minimalism and good form running, but I am definitely averse to surgery, so I will sacrifice one point of view for another.

I’m still holding strong onto the belief that most, if not all, running problems can be solved with form, strength and drills and will try any drill or stretch or exercise to relieve myself of any pain before sentencing my feet to the stockade. I just have to find the right exercises to get myself better.

The next race I’ve registered for but wont toe the line at is the OC Marathon. This one’s in 4 weeks and I’m absolutely certain I wont make it. Last week I transferred entry to the half marathon on the same day which at the time was smart, but as it stands now, I wont be able to run that one either. If my foot stops hurting by then I don’t even think it’d be smart to throw a half marathon at it, since running too much too soon on bones that couldn’t handle it is what got me into this mess to begin with. But I’ll be at the expo to collect all the free fun stuff I seem to be collecting.
I had a great year planned on my feet, but obviously it’s not to be. I’m still processing all the lessons learned from this injury, but I am keeping a list so I wont have to learn them twice.