Monday, December 5, 2011

long run # 3 - or the step down test run

I weighed in on Saturday this week, as the new diet dictates an idiotic amount of calories on Saturday and i was certain it would alter the results. 
212.8 is my new weight (down 3.4 lbs. w2w)
23% is new body fat percentage (down 1% w2w)
That’s 2.9 lbs. of fat lost and 0.5 lbs muscle. 

This is not bad considering i skipped two runs because of my foot problem. I did a leg circuit workout in place of one and was too sore to do anything on Thursday. The long run Sunday - 6 miles was a step back prescribed in hal higdon's novice 2 marathon training schedule and it went incredibly well.

I got new socks, too, at this incredibly cheap adidas warehouse sale at the Santa Monica airport and they held up fine, I just wish i would have washed them first. they're super thin which I like and they slid around a ton because they're new and my feet were dirty and they got hooked onto the tape I put on my insole to affix a metatarsal pad to soften the trauma from my foot while I learned how not to point my toes and shorten my stride further.

The 6 miles went great. I waited all day because my stomach was hurt by all the beer i poured down so i ran at night when it was cold and aside from the dry air burning my sinuses it was optimal. I ran five easy and one hard and everything clicked. When I finished I actually pumped my fist which I know is stupid, but I was moved to do it because I felt that good about the run. Looking back there was nothing remarkable about the run. Maybe i finally got the rumored runner's high (which I’ve never felt before possibly due to the fact that my endorphin receptors are blunted from years of over use?). 

Either way, the diet stays. Slow Carbs have me cutting weight and still let me have my energy and oddly enough are having an intensely and instantly noticeable effect on my ulcerative colitis. This could (and probably is) be a coincidence so don't quote me, but i may be a lifelong convert thanks to this experiment. Or at least a 5 day a week convert. Still want to see how my body reacts to building distance while on the diet - which happily is next Sunday. I can't wait.

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