Monday, July 11, 2011

A cover letter where I actually got a phone interview

None of us have time for well-crafted nonsense, so I will skip it and get down to the brass tacks. I would be an asset to the page program. I have been in the industry for almost two years and have realized that time on the job is no match for experience. Currently as a production assistant in on air promotion I am regularly exposed to a side of the business I did not know existed before I showed up one morning as a temp, and while the network has been very good to me, I now realize that I need to make a step toward the experience that I need to realize my full potential.
Promo production is a delicate art. It is to the entertainment industry what poetry is to the literary world: under appreciated and painfully difficult. To be successful you need a natural set of abilities as well as a place to foster their growth. I have found the latter, which has shown me the absence of the former. A terrible shame, indeed but topping out early is not a bad thing. Time wasted is not time wasted if you emerge with a lesson. My lesson: move on.
The page program is set up for people like me; nose to the grindstone types with a ton of energy, discipline and determination to succeed no matter what obstacles lie ahead. I am a finisher, a go-getter, a smiling face and a kind heart, just waiting to be given an opportunity to show exactly how high I can soar. So much for leaving out the well-crafted nonsense, but aside from the border-line cliché, I genuinely feel like I will be an invaluable resource to any team, group or organization that cuts the leash and lets me run with the tools I have developed throughout my life.
I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

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