Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Query Letter that Worked

I wrote this query letter last year when I was trying to get the project I mentioned in it some representation. I would say it had a fairly high rate of return, about a dozen reads from less than 100 emails vs only three angry "HOW'D YOU GET MY EMAIL?" emails. But also a hundred percent "liked it  but not for me," which says more about the script than the query letter, but that's a whole different post. The script is currently shelved, but took second place at the Ventura Film Festival's teleplay competition in 2010 and is going to hit a couple more contests / fests this summer.

My name is Gregory Boytos. I am a product of UCLA’s School of Theater Film
and Television and based on your client list I believe you would violently
enjoy my half hour comedy pilot "Realtors." It's had nothing but shining
feedback from everyone who has read it, except my mom. My mom hated it.

Realtors tracks two boutique real estate firms each headed by one side of a
recently messily divorced couple in California's Inland Empire, and staffed
by a pack of misfits and screwarounds.

Realtors combines the best parts of Community and 30 Rock - the quick wits
and snappy dialogue of believable human characters - with the off the wall
humor and irreverent attitude of shows like It's Always Sunny in
Philadelphia and Archer in a way that is fresh and appealing to the sharp
young audiences of 2010 and beyond.

I'd be happy to send you a copy of my script - I also have another half-hour
comedy pilot on the shelf - and of course, the obligatory It's Always Sunny
in Philadelphia spec script.

I thank you for your time and consideration

Best Regards,

Gregory Boytos

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