Monday, June 13, 2011

Cover Letter for another Assistant Job I Didn't Get

My name is Gregory Boytos and I feel I am a perfect fit for this job. For the past two and a half years I have been working exceptionally hard as a PA. As the network has seen record growth and an amazing boost in the quality of their programs and revenue, I have remained a PA. I wish there was a way for a company’s employees to grow with the company, but on a scale the size of the network, it is understandable and there is no bad blood. However it is time for me to grow as an entertainment professional and I need to take a step sideways in order to take a step up.
My writing career began with journalism as a contributing writer for the UCR Highlander, a weekly publication at UCR. I wrote articles ranging from A&E to sports features and opinions. This is where I discovered that writing was my future. I joined the creative writing department and focused on poetry, dabbling in creative non-fiction and fiction before finding my way to a screenwriting workshop where my training in truth, objectivity and efficient diction combined and became greater than each combined. My last act in school was to serve as poetry editor for the annual literary journal “Mosaic.”
Since undergrad I have attended and completed UCLA’s professional program in screenwriting, began an improv comedy career and written and produced a crowd of short films, web series and sketches. I finished a novella that began in a fiction class and continue to spend twenty hours a week writing my own original work and editing work of colleagues and friends, all for free.
My career is tumbling in the direction of being a writer / producer and I need to be around professionals in that field. I need to grow. I need a job where I can learn the skills I lack and hone the skills I already have. I am a dedicated, reliable, prudent and efficient man who is willing to go the extra five miles to get the job done, whatever the job is. I thank you for your time and appreciate the consideration.


Gregory Boytos

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