Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Awesome Half Page Bio

My first act, as a zygote, was to cure my mother’s endometriosis. I was never thanked officially, but was raised well and given every opportunity available to succeed while growing up and, surely, into adulthood. My parents made innumerable sacrifices that I will never know to make sure I fit in and got the things I needed or erroneously wanted and there is not nor will there ever be a proper way to thank them; except to succeed.
This is my primary inspiration for my career. My chosen career happens to be story telling. My chosen path happens to be writing. I got a cat in the fifth grade named Graham. He was a gorgeous Russian Blue. I hate pet people, but I admit that when he was alive I treated him and spoke of him like he was a real person. I loved Graham more than anything I had ever known.
He got sick when I was in the eleventh grade and my parents could not afford to have him treated, so instead he was put down. That night, a lot of tears and even more whiskey, I vowed to never have to tell my children that we couldn’t afford something like that.
In college I studied history. I loved it, but according to most of my professors I was bad at it. I wrote the papers like stories, they said. They were easy reads, but lacked any historical analysis, they lamented. Maybe you should try writing writing, not historical writing, one said.
The next quarter I took a screenwriting class; or I tried. The class was full, and I was fifth on the wait list. I showed up every week, not knowing if I’d get credit for the course, and annoying the bejesus out of the instructor who tried, in vain, to talk me out of it, but I was hooked and there was no way I was quitting.
One creative writing degree and one UCLA Professional Program in screenwriting later, I am a writer, an actor, a production assistant, a boyfriend and a son that makes his parents proud enough to cry. My mom is Italian so it’s really not that hard, but nevertheless, I know they’re proud and I would relish the opportunity to have this program help me make them burst. 

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