Monday, June 27, 2011

A cover letter so long I didn't even proof read it before sending

            My name is Gregory Boytos and I am responding to a job query from the UCLA professional program in screenwriting list-serv. After two years attending UC Riverside focusing my studies on history with full intention to go to law-school, I discovered and subsequently fell in love with the story in any and all forms. This caused me to change directions almost immediately, but my sensibility did not allow me to waste the two year investment I had put into history and so I left with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and History focusing on Poetry and 20th century Europe respectively.
            In my last year of college I took a screenplay studies course and a year-long advanced screenwriting workshop which awakened something inside of me that I thought died after being rejected to all the film-heavies for undergraduate studies therein. In high school I took every film / television class my school offered and when I had completed and retook them, I petitioned along with my peers for an advanced / independent studies course to be created, and during my senior year I took what I thought was going to be my last film class.
            Luckily I stumbled into the screenplay studies course because being in it completely changed me back to my roots. Yes a story can be amazing on the page, in a poem, read aloud to a group of literary people or unsuspecting patrons at a coffee shop, but the majesty and wonder of the screen is something that cannot be matched on the page no matter what anyone says. To be sure, there are things about writing that still appeal to people in ways that a film or television program never can, but as far as the magnitude, the entertainment industry has that name for a reason: the size of the audience and their hunger for good, quick and well made stories is vastly larger and much more diverse than the literary market.
            As a child born and raised in the computer age, and currently a writer and production assistant attempting to make my way in this rapidly changing industry I am fully dedicated to the idea that the internet has already and will constantly change the way most people are entertained and for this reason alone that I want to be part of a group that acknowledges, embraces and includes this ever emerging technology.
            As my resume will demonstrate I have the necessary skills, and as I hope this letter demonstrates my love for the industry and the new Internet tentacle that is finally attracting some big market attention. The facts are: I am hungry, I am dedicated, I am smart, passionate, entertaining and humble and I believed when I saw this job listed that it was the best next step in my career, the next place I could go to learn more, help more and grow more.
            I thank you for your time in reviewing this letter and my resume, and hope to hear from you very soon.

            Gregory Boytos

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