Monday, June 20, 2011

Cover letter for a job I knew I wouldn't get and probably didn't want

I am a hard working, quick learning, pleasant and honest man trying to achieve my full potential. I have come a long way since graduating from UC Riverside and seek to push the journey further along with the Walt Disney Company.
When I first started in 2007 as a PA in operations I thought that “Non Drop” meant that certain tapes were more fragile than others. Now I sit at home and explain to my friends the differences in HD standards and aspect ratios and cadences and tons of other stuff that makes their eyes glaze over.
            It has been a long road, sometimes loathsome and rife with stress but usually efficient and smooth and educational. There still is a ton for me to learn, but my current position is not exactly designed to be a learning experience. I would like to be considered for the Mastering Coordinator Position and further my post production experience.

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